by Huda Gamieldien

It may be unconventional, but Brainworking® Recursive Therapy is rapidly gaining ground. Clinical psychologist Rafiq Lockhat tells podcast host Mariette Snyman how it originated, how it works, what its advantages are and to which conditions – from phobias to eating disorders and substance abuse – it can be applied.

  • How he worked together with Terence Watts, the brain behind BWRT® (even though Rafiq initially thought Terence had “lost his marbles”)

  • How BWRT® is based on a new understanding, courtesy of neuroscience, of how the brain interacts with information

  • Overcoming a dog phobia

  • How BWRT® works and what its advantages are

  • How it requires very little talking

  • How fast BWRT® works regarding “simple” issues, like grief, and “complex” issues, such as major depression

  • Rafiq’s 3 best tips on what to bear in mind when you are considering therapy