Jorgan Harris
Clinical Psychologist
I have just attended one of the most exciting workshops ever! BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy - perhaps the most powerful, speedy and effective therapy ever created. This is going to turn the world of psychology around. It is a total different way of thinking and doing therapy. I have experienced some of the most amazing outcomes within minutes.
Dr. Ian Opperman
Clinical Psychologist
BWRT has the potential to permanently change the face of psychotherapy. Lives are transformed in record time without the need to uncover the source of the dysfunction, resulting in virtually instant benefits for the patient, like the reduction and elimination of debilitating symptoms.
Mari van der Merwe
Clinical Psycholgist
BWRT is one of the most exciting and stimulating developments in the therapeutic world. It is equipping therapist to be so much more effective in their work and assisting clients in the healing process to become whole and fulfilled human beings. I am very excited and can't wait to apply this in my practice and to continue to learn and develop in this exciting and "mind-blowing" technique and therapy. Thank you, Rafiq and Terence!!
Maria Matshidiso Qhobosheane
Registered Counsellor
Most valuable was the protocol and the fact that the tariner allowed us to practice over and over. Moreover providing us the opportunity to experience the therapy first hand. Giving us a chance to work through some of our real issues was very valuable. furthermore the understanding that you cannot do any harm to clients is very valuable as it means helping more people without exposing them to more trauma.
Angelique Biagioni
Educational Psychologist
I found the trainer and the practical nature of the workshop amazing! Furthermore, giving us the protocols to work from was fabulous too! Thank you very much for a fantastic workshop and for sharing all your knowledge. I'm looking forward to doing Level 2 :-)
Digby Ormond-Brown
Clinical Psychologist
The lecturer is excellent!
Pieter Staats van Rooyen
Educational Psychologist
The best CPD workshop I have ever attended!
Marie-Heleen Van Zyl
Counselling Psychologist
The fact that you can use it in your daily work. I already started using it!
Lynne Goldschmidt
Counselling Psychologist
It was really valuable to view the different case studies in video format. It was valuable to view case studies from within the South African context.
Fathima Khatib
Clinical Psychologist
Rafiq's presentation and interaction is brilliant.
Debbie Jameson
Clinical Psychologist
I will be able to apply what I have learnt immediately with my patients
Amanda Rykaart
Registered Counsellor
The presenter who has intimate knowledge of the process and growth, the videos, the mistakes made and resultant learning curves. Rafiq's sense of humour, casual yet professional style and passion for the discipline made an enormous impact on how it was received. I left with a very distinct feeling that I am now equipped to offer clients other options with evident results. I feel it is going to make me a better, more present and more mindful counsellor and increase personal job satisfaction immensely.
Kaye Cloete
Registered Counsellor
For me the fact that I finally have a tool that can produce immediate and tangible results. I am excited to get stuck in and have already used it on two clients with success. It is unmistakable.
Michelle Baker
Clinical Psychologist
The ability to work with identity so specifically. Seems like sorting out core self issues will go a long way to sustain change. Thank you Rafiq. I never had a chance to say goodbye so want to convey to you how very professional, informative and enjoyable the whole experience was. Your sharing of personal experiences and "mistakes" is so refreshing. Most important was the shift in me to feel the value of BWRT for more complicated cases. I look forward to the journey.
Doreen Hofmeyr
Counselling Psychologist
Rafiq the trainer is absolutely excellent, with humour and deep knowledge and the ability to deliver the essence of the course, he is an amazing teacher.
Norma Moller
Educational Psychologist
the amazing application value of the content. And the opportunity to learn from Rafiq who is helping to pioneer BWRT, and could share his incredible experience with us
Husain Abdool Karrim Ismail
The most valuable thing about the workshop is the trainer. Rafiq is clearly well versed in BWRT and his experience comes through. He delivers with honesty and integrity.
Dr Ryola Singh
Rafiq explains things clearly and simply and the anecdotal cases help significantly.
Eileen Rossouw
Counselling Psychologist
I love using BWRT, and the more I know about it , the more I feel it can accomplish.
Gweneth Fisher
Educational Psychologist
The fact that BWRT is solution-focussed especially with the challenges with medical aids and clients that cannot afford long term therapy.
Maureen Mogari
Registered Counsellor
It is a very good workshop that brings solutions to many issues/challenges that patient are suffering from, the model is simple to use and work very fast. It is an effective and efficient model that I think all the relevant practitioner must have.
Sindile Shobede
Clinical Psychologist
The practicality of the workshop is great because it enhances confidence and the experiential intervention is awesome because as a patient you get to experience the impact of the tool.
Pragashni Asim Kumar
Educational Psychologist
The practice time and the videos presented were very valuable to the training. Rafiq was so inspiring and his passion for this intervention brings life to BWRT. I am so excited to practice this technique and to master this form of therapy in my practice.
Melanie Anthony
Counselling Psychologist
Food was great!!! :) The practical training was very useful, helped me get over my fear of trying something new in a public forum. I liked the lightheartedness of Rafiq whilst showing he is completely dedicated to this therapy.
Lizette Matthews
The atmosphere: the inviting, calm atmosphere ensured optimum learning. The content of the workshop was interesting and well presented. The scaffolding of the theoretical application ensured that we were equipped to work with clients. Repetition ensured comfortable application of theory.
Jill Willows
Clinical Psychologist
Working with trauma is a big part of our work as psychologists and this intervention offers a time-limited approach.
Vella Maseko
Clinical Psychologist
1. Objectives are very clear 2. Practical exercises 3. The course content is well presented and easy to understand.
Estelle Kohn
In one weekend learnt a whole new technique that can be used immediately with immediate results, absolutely amazing! Thanks Rafiq and Terrence, fantastic work that's life changing!
Lucinda Johns
Counselling Psychologist
The practising the techniques were beneficial for grasping the process. Experiential learning is most helpful. The video clips - very useful in understanding the techniques and process Interactive engagement - wonderful!
Jyoti Bhana-Gosai
Clinical Psychologist
The fact that it is redefined to the South African context makes sense. Allowing participants to share their respective experiences in the workshop helped. The role play helped and having a protocol helps. thank you for a wonderful workshop. I learned a lot and value my experiences.
Frans van Staden
Counselling Psychologist
The fact that BWRT works, as demonstrated by various video examples. Ditto on Rafiq's experience. Rafiq has an exceptional manner in which he shared his successes and failures in sessions, which made it accessible and provided encouragement to "take risks". Arrangements, facility, etc were great. The application and results were obvious from the outset!!!!
Bradley Knight
Clinical Psychologist
The workshop prepares you in such a way that you feel confident to start using the new material immediately. Great mix of theory and practice.The contact time with other BWRT practitioners is also refreshing.
Ronel Duif
Clinical Psychologist
Very stimulating. Rafiq is an excellent lecturer. Loved every minute!
Dr Gabriella Eadie
Clinical Psychologist
The information given followed by practice sessions. Also, being able to ask all and any questions and Rafique providing insight and possible solutions to all.
Dr. Inette Taylor
Counselling Psychologist
Rafiq Lockhat's mix of passion, professionalism, authenticity and appropriate humour was the best value-add aspect of our memorable two day workshop. I can add practical value adds (in no particular order) such as the most excellent catering, perfect group size, emphasis on follow-up participation through joining a supervision group, the BWRT Facebook community, motivation for Level 2 training. Finally, whether by design or coincidence, the combination of different personalities and backgrounds of the delegates worked perfectly.
Adri Vos
Registered Counsellor
The way in which the course is presented instilled confidence in me as a therapist. I felt encouraged and inspired by the trainer's teachings, humility and relaxed demeanor.
Alex Maree Butterfield
Educational Psychologist
Somerset West, Cape Town
The session videos!!!! The first training I have been to with so many actual therapy videos and it was SO helpful to see it in action. Much more beneficial than the old way of presenting case studies. Thank you for this!
Louise Neveling
Industrial Psychologist
I loved how, by the time the workshop was over, I was able and ready to apply it at work. The practice sessions gave me great confidence, not just because I was able to practice my skills as a therapist, but also because, as a 'patient' I could see the results for myself. My debilitating fear of heights, which has been an enormous issue for me for as long as I can remember, is GONE. I mean, this is a phobia that has vanished. A week ago I could barely climb up a set of stairs without a panic attack, now I reach the bottom climbing down and wonder how I got down there. No drama. No anxiety. No holding of the railings and sliding down the stairs on my backside, tears streaming down my face :) What this means in turn, is that I have a product in my toolbox that I buy into and will have NO reservations using or advocating to my clients. My clients typically want quick, easy, no fuss solutions. I used to think of this as unrealistic, but no longer. I will be at the level 2 training. Both dates indicated during the workshop are do-able.
Sumaya Jeewa
Clinical Psychologist
I am a person who requires explanation, then instruction, then demonstration followed by the opportunity to practice under supervision to hone the skill. the workshop successfully met all these criteria fully. it has re-awakened my interest in the therapeutic aspect of my work.
Quraisha Begg
Clinical Psychologist
I have often felt that in many ways the way in which we practice psychology is archaic and that we are stuck in some "dark age". This method changed that perspective for me and feels as though we are making strides toward catching up with the Information Age. The way in which the information was delivered was also very useful. Rafiq has a way of presenting that allows one to interactively engage with the content in a relaxed, open manner that promotes learning.
Shannon Lang
Counselling Psychologist
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and feel that Rafiq's style was well suited to a workshop of this nature. The experiential practice together with appropriate theory meant that we could walk out with new skills and be able to use them immediately. This is immensely valuable. Rafiq - I so appreciated your humour and 'just do it' style of presenting. Thank you very very much - most enjoyable and informative.
Annerie Joubert
Counselling Psychologist
The theoretical grounding, the time for practicing the techniques and the case studies/video material - really convincing! Rafiq is an excellent presenter and his modesty and honesty contributed to the trust I need to venture into something completely out of my comfort zone!
Caroline Goatley
Clinical Psychologist
I found Rafiq to be a great presenter. He is very humble yet confident, knowledgeable and witty and knows his stuff! I enjoyed the videos of his cases immensely.
Sandra Kleynhans
Educational Psychologist
Rafiq Lockhat is a brilliant presenter and teacher! I feel so very privileged to learn from him. Practice exercises were very valuable.