How do the 3 hour supervision sessions work and why do I need to do them?

After completing the training, you will receive your CPD certificate.
To be listed on the BWRT®South Africa practitioner list visible to the public, you are required to undergo three one-hour supervision sessions with an appointed BWRT® South African supervisor.
These sessions are essential to uphold the standard and quality of therapy in public practice.
Upon completing your supervision sessions, your profile will be updated and added to our public database.
Supervision sessions typically involve case study discussions or protocol practice, tailored to the needs and agreements between the Supervisor and Practitioner, and last approximately 60 minutes.

The supervision fee for 2024 is set at R1200 per hour, payable directly to the Supervisor.

I am a Social Worker but I do not have a Master’s Degree. Can I train as a BWRT® practitioner?

Social Workers with clinical experience working in an NGO that employs trained, qualified, and accredited BWRT® practitioners can become BWRT® Emergency Practitioners. This training, conducted within the organisational setting, equips them to deliver specific BWRT® emergency techniques under continuous supervision from BWRT® accredited supervisors. The organisation must request the training, and employ a minimum of 15 social workers and at least 3 BWRT® accredited supervisors. These practitioners are not authorised to practice BWRT® privately, they also have to be registered with the SACSSP.
For more information on arranging training for your organisation, please contact Huda Gamieldien at

Are BWRT® courses CPD accredited?

All the BWRT® courses taught in South Africa are CPD accredited with the HPCSA . Two of which are also accredited by the SACSSP. These two are:
BWRT® level 1 and using BWRT with Children.

Do I qualify to register for the short courses developed by Terence Watts?

The short courses developed by Terence Watts that are taught in South Africa are ONLY OPEN TO SOUTH AFRICAN PRACTITIONERS.

  • You must have completed BWRT® Level 1
  • You must be registered with the HPCSA/SACSSP as indicated under training requirements

I am an international BWRT® practitioner, can I register for your short courses?

All International practitioners are required to have an active membership with Terence Watts  BWRT® Institute and are welcome to sign up for our South African developed short courses. Currently these are:

  • BWRT® and borderline personalities
  • BWRT® and Working with Children
  • Using BWRT® to treat Grief
  • BWRT® and Couples

All short courses developed by Terence Watts will need to be attended via the UK for International Practitioners.

Is there a video catch up session for this course?

Video catchups are available for ALL short courses. The videos are NOT available for download. But will be available for up to 3 weeks following the date of the course. The links to this video will be emailed to you after the course.

What are the requirements to train as a BWRT® L2 practitioner?

You will need to have completed BWRT® Level 1 and be a registered Psychologist or Psychiatrist with the HPCSA. Registered Clinial Social Workers with a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work are also eligible to train as a Level 2 practitioner.
From June 2024 you would have had to have completed your 3 compulsory supervision sessions with a South African BWRT® supervisor as well.®

I have a wealth of mental health clinical experience but not registered with the HPCSA, can I still train?

Unfortunately to be a registered practitioner in South Africa, you have to be registered with the HPCSA or the SACSSP as outlined in the BWRT L1 requirements

What are the qualifications needed to train as a BWRT Level 1 practitioner?

In South Africa you have to be registered as one of the following and have an active registration with the HPCSA:

  • Psychologist (all categories EXCEPT Research Psychologist)
  • Registered Counsellor
  • Psychiatrist
  • You can also train if you are a Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work AND are registered with the SACSSP

Do I need any previous qualifications?

Yes you do.