BWRT Case Study: Too Hot to Handle
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27 November 2023


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Workshop: BWRT Case Study: Too Hot to Handle
BWRT Level: -
Date: 27 November 2023
Time: 18h30
Venue: ONLINE: Zoom
Accreditation: 1 CPD point applied for
This will be the first presented BWRT Case Study in the series of cases that will be presented to the general public.
About the presenter:
Mark Eaton
MA Clin Psych (UPE) C. Psychol (UK), BPS BHF HCPC HPCSA
BWRT L1, L2 & L3

Mark Eaton is a Clinical Psychologist, Neuropsychologist, and Registered Medico-legal Practitioner in South Africa; and is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist in the UK. His clinical practice includes being a treating therapist of children, adults, and older persons. He is qualified in many therapeutic modalities, is BWRT Level 1 and Level 2 qualified and has recently completed the BWRT Level 3 training with Terence Watts. He is a BWRT mentor and supervisor for national and international BWRT training therapists.

His medico-legal practice includes being an expert witness in civil and criminal litigation cases. His academic history has included working as a university lecturer over a period of 4 years, a clinical and research supervisor of training Psychologists and training Psychiatrists in the UK, a clinical rater for international clinical trial research studies for Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, and a reviewer of academic journal articles in South Africa.

He enjoys offering face-to-face and online training and workshops to professionals, companies, and groups, to assist in them applying psychological principles in bettering their knowledge, as well as their emotional and interpersonal wellness.

About the presentation:
Course Goals and Objectives


To present a successfully completed complex case study using BWRT Level 1 and Level 2 interventions.

The case involves an adult female with a history of complex trauma, emotional and personality problems, substance dependence, who was in relationship crisis. Her green-dyed hair, bright red lipstick, nose ring, visible body-piercings and tattoos projected her artsy yet very troubled character.

With so many burning issues needing addressing and extinguishing, I asked myself if this situation was “too hot to handle”. However, armed with my BWRT Level 1 and Level 2 training, I felt that this would be a suitable case to see whether BWRT could handle the heat.

1. To demonstrate sound clinical judgement in the timing of BWRT Level 1 and Level 2 interventions.
2. To describe the positive impact and hope generated through BWRT for the client with complex needs.
3. To emphasise the value of client homework as well as that of trigger guards in the BWRT treatment process.
4. To consider how apparent setbacks in outcomes can be addressed within BWRT interventions.
5. To reflect on the impact of BWRT Level 1 and Level 2 technology on therapist self-efficacy and therapy outcome expectations.
6. To reflect of the ethical considerations of beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, autonomy and informed consent in the BWRT treatment framework.