• How can BWRT® be adjusted to the developmental stages of adolescence and young adults/university students?
  • Unpacking the challenges of neuro-diverse/-divergant individuals within this developmental stage and how
BWRT® can be adjusted to support them
  • Trauma, religion and cultural realities of South Africa and how to adjust the BWRT® approach
  • Looking at typical challenges during these developmental stages and how BWRT® can be used as a way of intervention.
  • Suggestions of protocols will be made.
  • To provide tools appropriate to the individuals within this developmental age.
  • Case studies to explain the process of BWRT® and its application with young adults, adolescents and university students
  • 1x 3 hour workshop online via Zoom
  • CPD accredited for 2 General +1 Ethics pointst
  • Developed and presented by Hannelie Spies, BWRT® Supervisor and Educational Psychologist

Build your confidence in dealing with young adults and teenagers using BWRT.

BWRT Level 1