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1. BWRT was originally developed by:*
2. Children can use:*
3. When working with children, you must get informed consent in writing from:*
4. Children over 12 may consent for themselves:*
5. If a child tells us that they are being abused, we can leave it to the parents to investigate and report if necessary.*
6. We can treat clients using telehealth who are:*
7. When it comes to confidentiality and telehealth sessions:*
8. 26th March 2020, the HPCSA published the Guidance on the use of Telehealth and the following provisions were amended:*
9. When working with children, one can skip the theory completely and jump straight into a protocol:*
10. When looping with children, you must repeat them:*
11. This activity was useful and caused me to learn something valuable*
12. Shelley presented the material effectively, with knowledge and clarity:*
13. This activity will assist in the improvement of my professional performance:*
14. Integrated applied examples illustrated real- world context especially for working online:*
15. This CPD activity was good value for money:*
16. I would recommend this CPD activity to my colleagues:*
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