096 - MCQ - 2023-07-15 - BWRT with Couples

2023-07-15 | MCQ | BWRT with Couples
CPD Questionnaire: to obtain your full CPD points for this course, you must complete the following questions.

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1. The Gottman method is a:*
2. The four horseman of the apocalypse includes the following problematic communication styles:*
3. The Gottman intervention includes:*
4. Relationships can be negatively impacted by the following:*
5. Which statement is true?*
6. When couples trust each other:*
7. Consistent high levels of trust can create:*
8. Infidelity risk increases when there is:*
9. Betrayal trauma*
10. BWRT is*
11. Couples that are wired for connection:*
12. The ANS can be activated by the sympathetic and deactivated by the parasympathetic*
13. When we are calm and relaxed, we operate in the present moment of now and feel in control.*
14. The fight/flight response is deactivated when a person perceives a threat.*
15. Apathy and depression are linked to a low arousal response and thoughts focused on past regrets and hurts.*
16. Doing BWRT with couples must include:*
17. The frontal lobe regulates emotions*
18. The Limbic system is not involved in attachment, bonding and connection experiences*
19. The Reptilian complex is the brain’s initial alarm system to warn of a threat*
20. Hypo-freeze (collapse) is a sympathetic nervous system response*
21. When planning the therapy strategy, the following questions are not important:*
22. When working with couples, the following is not true:*
23. The following is not an ethical consideration in couple’s therapy:*
24. Couples therapy is contra-indicated when there are:*
25. Couples therapy can be successful with Situational Domestic Violence (SDV)*
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